Nordic Treat on Harcourt Street

Now there is a place to go to when I miss home and my Mum’s cooking. The recently opened Harcourt in the heart of Marylebone is a great spot if you want to indulge in some Nordic flavours. The kitchen is headed up by a Finnish chef, Kimmo Makkonen, who has put together a modern-European menu with a Nordic twist.

We sat in the airy and bright garden room that has a glass ceiling and a colonial feel to it with stylish rattan furniture and palms. The contemporary art-filled walls bring a modern touch and the feeling is very opulent, yet laid-back.

The Harcourt

Image source: The Hartcourt

The Harcourt

Image source: The Harcourt

The Harcourt

Image source: The Hartcourt

The Harcourt | Karoliina KaziThe Harcourt | Karoliina KaziThe Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

We started with some sparkling drinks. Riz ordered a Freudian Slip with akvavit, lychee, elderflower, lemon & prosecco and I went for a Plum Wine Spritz; Akashi-tai shiraume umeshu, passionfruit & prosecco. Both delicious.

The Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

Homemade sourdough & rye bread.

The Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

We began our leisurely lunch with a gorgeous starter of Gravadlax with pickled cucumbers, quail eggs, apple and dill. The menu also had a nettle soup, and I had a hard time choosing between the two… I’m glad I chose gravadlax as it was delicious. And there is always next time for the nettle soup.

The Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

The cod fish was another triumph and just what I was looking for! Creamy, soup-like dish with flaky cod, cuttlefish, mussels, potatoes, samphire and cucumber.

The Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

These buttery, glazed carrots were so delicious that my mouth waters just thinking about them.

The Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

Rizwan chose a slow cooked lamb shoulder with polenta, olives, anchovy and rosemary – and obviously, I had to dip my fork into it as well. The lamb shoulder was so tender, it just melted in your mouth.

The Harcourt | Karoliina KaziThe Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

We were both a bit lukewarm on the dessert front, they were nice, but didn’t leave us wanting for more. Riz had a hazelnutty apple crumble with homemade vanilla ice cream and I had a vanilla pannacotta with poached rhubarb and meringue.

The Harcourt | Karoliina KaziThe Harcourt | Karoliina Kazi

The cocktails, however… this Berry Pine Cocktail was delightful and if it wasn’t lunchtime I could have had more than one.

Berry Pine at The Harcourt, London | Karoliina Kazi

A beautiful, balanced, perfectly flavoured meal, served by the most charming of staff. The Harcourt has earned its place on my weekend lunch list and I’ll certainly be taking lots of friends back. Next time I want to try their Fika menu, which is The Harcourt’s version of afternoon tea with open top sandwiches, Skagen toast and cinnamon buns with tea or coffee.

We didn’t see all of the other parts of the restaurant, but there are 5 rooms in total. There’s an option for big parties, too. When you first walk in the Grade II listed Georgian townhouse, you enter a wooden-panelled Oak Room which has an English- country feel. Below are some pictures of the other rooms at Harcourt. I can easily imagine all my friends around the long table in the white room to celebrate one our birthdays, for example. Contact the restaurant for more details and book a table.


32 Harcourt Street, London  |  +44 20 3771 8660  |  website

Mon-Thu 11:00-23:30, Fri-Sat 11:00-00:00, Sun 11:00-22:30

 After lunch and a few of those cocktails, you have to take yourself off for an explore. Especially if the sun is shining like it did for us!

Pimlico | Karoliina KaziOrange Square, Pimlico | Karoliina KaziOrange Square, Pimlico | Karoliina KaziOrange Square, Pimlico | Karoliina Kazi

We ended up in Pimlico’s Orange Square to meet with a friend. Have a great rest of the week!


      20th May 2016 / 10:14 am

      It’s so nice, and I’m so happy to have some proper Nordic flavours in London, finally! 🙂

    • 2nd October 2016 / 5:39 pm

      Instagrammers dream 🙂 and you use to get a free cocktail by posting on Instagram!

  1. 2nd October 2016 / 8:49 am

    Such a beautiful place.So colorful and beautiful

  2. 2nd October 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Absolutely stunning images. I must say the restaurant looks really beautiful and from those pictures and description of yours, it is a place that is worth visiting.

  3. 2nd October 2016 / 4:13 pm

    Very very beautiful place.
    From the interiors to the foods,no one wouldn’t want to visit such a place one day.

    • 2nd October 2016 / 5:36 pm

      Sieltä saa tosiaan herkullisia pohjoismaisia makuja ja se piristää kun koti-ikävä iskee 🙂

  4. 2nd October 2016 / 9:44 pm

    The decor looks wonderful and that Apple pie needs to be in my mouth! Ree love30

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