Bottomless Brunch & Finnish Vibes at Aster Victoria

Image source: Aster Restaurant

The restaurant opening of Aster Victoria got me, and I can imagine, quite a few fellow Finnish Londoners particularly excited. The makeover of London’s Victoria’s dining scene with the new Nova Food development is well underway and there have been enormous changes in the area in the recent years. Part of the luxury restaurant group D&D London, Aster Victoria is the most recent addition to the neighbourhood. 

The reason Aster Victoria gets us Finns intrigued is that this culinary helm is led by the Finnish executive chef Helena Puolakka who’s menu is cleverly fusing Nordic delicacies with classic French cuisine. We booked a table for the bubble-fuelled Nordic brunch at the Aster Victoria, where brunch dishes such as Eggs Victoria with lobster and Potato Blinis are complemented by a light and fruity bottomless prosecco.

With top-notch execution and knockout brunch menu that offers two courses for £21 or three courses for £26 – plus the option of bottomless bubbles for an additional £10 per person – it’s hard not to get excited. 

Image source: Aster Restaurant & Cafe

And it gets better; the interiors are second to none. The downstairs cafe welcomes you with marble countertops, copper fixtures and sense of space.

Image source: Aster Restaurant & Cafe

Image source: Aster Restaurant & Cafe

The upstairs dining room has a bustling brasserie atmosphere with comfortable leather booths and attentive service will make you feel very relaxed. Live music, neutral and soft colour hues, stylish rose gold fittings, stunning lighting, fresh flowers and full-length windows that let lots of natural light in, add to the experience. 

Request a table by the window and watch the world pass by while you enjoy your exceptional Nordic meal.

The chic interiors are followed by innovative and beautifully presented dishes.

Aster Victoria - Nordic Restaurant in London | Karoliina Kazi

A starter of Egg Victoria succulent lobster on crispy rye bread smothered with truffle hollandaise.

Aster Victoria - Nordic Restaurant in London | Karoliina Kazi

Refreshing Greenland prawns and citrusy fennel salad with a touch of chilli. 

Crusty sourdough and Miso butter.

Aster Victoria - Nordic Restaurant in London | Karoliina Kazi

Buttery and delicious Baltic fish pie.

Aster Victoria - Nordic Restaurant in London | Karoliina Kazi

Venison sausages with caramelised onions and sour lingonberries.

Aster Victoria - Nordic Restaurant in London | Karoliina Kazi

For dessert, an almond cake Runeberg that is both, sweet and refreshing with citrusy meringue and a little taste of home.

If you have any space left, we recommend tucking into a basket of the exquisite cinnamon buns from the downstairs deli to share afterwards.


150 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5LB  |  +44 20 3875 5555  |  website


  1. 8th March 2017 / 4:03 pm

    Oh my goodness that place looks so beautiful! & the dishes look so delicious. I love the fact that there’s a Finnish chef and she has added some Finnish details in the menu 🙂

    • 9th March 2017 / 10:32 am

      Very exciting indeed. London was missing this kind of thing and I will start bringing everyone here from now on… I kept talking to Riz about Runeberg’s tart and how much I miss the ones my Mum use to make.. and boom, Aster had them for dessert.

    • 9th March 2017 / 10:28 am

      It really was! Have you tried Nordic dishes?

        • 10th March 2017 / 11:00 am

          I should add more Nordic recipes on my blog – I’ll email you once I do and you can try some great recipe out.

  2. 9th March 2017 / 12:18 am

    Wow this place looks so fancy! So perfect for a girl’s day out! Gotta check it out next time I’m in London! 🙂

    • 9th March 2017 / 10:26 am

      It was wonderful and we’re very excited to have some Finnish vibes in this city 🙂

  3. 9th March 2017 / 3:12 pm

    Interior is to die for! I am obsessed both with marble and rose gold. The food looks delicious as well, would love to eat there! And take some photos of brunch for my Instagram.
    BS, xx

    • 10th March 2017 / 5:36 pm

      It’s definitely very Instagram friendly space and so are the dishes 🙂

    • 10th March 2017 / 11:02 am

      Moi Katja – did you see that there is some huge beer festival happening in London this week (or weekend maybe)? I saw it on Timeout and thought of you 🙂 xx K

    • 10th March 2017 / 10:59 am

      Every detail had been thought out and the atmosphere was great, elegant but chilled – and the food was so, so delicious.

  4. 10th March 2017 / 11:28 am

    Sometimes I feel, “I am born to eat” 😛

    The food looks so delicious!!

  5. 17th March 2017 / 6:22 pm

    That crusty sourdough looks so damn good! Seems like quite a place!

  6. 17th March 2017 / 7:02 pm

    What a pretty place, the interior looks really lovely also lets take a moment to appreciate how good that food looked! I’ve never tried any Nordic dishes before but they sure look good 🙂

  7. 18th March 2017 / 5:56 am

    Wow..the food itself is delightful to the eyes and I’m sure must be delicious. The interior is definitely represents the name of the restaurant. Elegant, and comfortable!

  8. 18th March 2017 / 8:39 am

    What a totally luxurious place and the food looks so good. I could spend some dinners here! wow!

  9. 18th March 2017 / 7:04 pm

    The pictures are so nice and the place looks beautiful. I am sure the food was worth every penny. It’s so nice when you get to eat a meal created by fusing the best of two cuisines.

  10. 20th March 2017 / 10:01 am

    ihan varmasti kokeiluun, kun tulen Lontooseen. kiitos!

  11. 20th March 2017 / 11:27 am

    I love brunch and the atmosphere looks great, I am sure the ambiance is worth it. Next time we are over there, we would stop by for a nice yummy brunch.

  12. JD
    24th June 2017 / 5:04 pm

    Great post – I actually booked brunch here for next Saturday and I am super excited as the reviews and feedback I’ve heard is great. I had a question though… would you recommend sitting in the cafe or the restaurant? the brunch is available in both and when I was asked I was not sure which to go for.

    • 24th June 2017 / 5:16 pm

      Hi Justin – we sat upstairs in the restaurant but the cafe looks really great as well and its a little less formal downstairs. The cinnamon buns in the cafe are fab! The menus are different though so I think by booking a brunch, you’ll be seated upstairs. It’s Midsummer today so I think there might be some festivities around that this weekend. It’s lovely – enjoy!

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